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A few or even a dozen or so years ago, root canal treatment involved pain, an inordinate number of dental visits and eventually ended with the loss of the tooth. Today that is no longer the case.

Since 2002 we have been providing highly specialised root canal therapy based on microsurgical procedures.

During the surgical procedure every tooth is protected with a rubber dam, thanks to which the dental surgeon and assistant can concentrate fully on the tooth and not on any changes of the cotton rolls. As a result the operation can be performed in sterile conditions and without any contamination by saliva.

To get an accurate measure of the root canal length we use an electronic device known as an apex locator and not the hitherto unused “until the prick” method.

We only use gutta-percha to obturate teeth, thanks to which the teeth we treat do not become discoloured.
By magnifying the tooth up to 40 times its real size we can find all lateral branches of a canal.
The majority of cases are treated in 1 or 2 visits. All visits are entirely pain free.

In the last few years we have specialised in treating difficult root canal treatment cases. A large number of the patients we treat have been referred to us by our fellow dentists for the purposes of solving endodontic problems.

Scope of our endodontic surgical procedures:

1. Root canal treatment of single- and multi-canal teeth
2. Treatment of difficult cases (thin, forking, curved, obliterated (calcified) canals
3. Finding additional canals
4. Retreatment on poorly treated teeth
5. Removal of broken instruments
6. Removal of cement from root canal
7. Removal of old cores and posts
8. Removal of cores and posts fractured inside canal
9. Treatment of root perforations
10. Treatment of root resorption
11. Non-surgical treatment of periapical lesions
12. Treatment through prosthetic crowns


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