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Prophylaxis is one of the most important branches of dentistry.

It is very important to teach even the youngest children prophylaxis. Then such practices become a habit and children will like going to the dentist.

Besides eliminating caries another purpose of dental visits is to check whether the child has good occlusion, ensure it is cleaning its teeth properly and also provide dietary advice.

The most important prophylactic procedure performed in the dental surgery is that of flfluoridising the teeth using a fluoride varnish. This strengthens the enamel of all teeth, and reduces their susceptibility to caries. Fluoridisation is recommended twice a year. In the case of those more prone to caries - 4 times a year.

Since infancy my children have had their teeth fluoridised with a fluoride varnish four times a year. And until now they have had no caries.

Fluoridisation using a fluoride varnish should be preceded by the careful removal of dental plaque and calculus (if any is detected).

The removal of calculus is popularly known as  scaling

This procedure is carried out with the use of an ultrasound device. The vibrating sensation of the tip makes the calculus fall from the teeth. This may cause temporary hypersensitivity, which appears after fluoridisation.

In the case of large deposits, especially caused by drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes or drinking black tea  pair abrasion of the teeth can be very effective. A special powder blown under pressure on the surface of the tooth ensures proper cleaning.

After air abrasion it is essential to polish the surface of the tooth using special pastes of different gradations.
In the opposite case the sanded tooth surface is easily covered with any kind of deposits.

Another procedure performed mainly on children is  fissure sealing with a varnish.

This involves sealing the fissures of the molars (more rarely the premolars) with a sealing varnish. This is usually a rare composite liquid which deeply penetrates into the fissures and after light curing prevents bacteria from penetrating the fissures and also protects against caries.

Teeth are varnished at the earliest possible moment after they have grown. This procedure is especially recommended for children with caries in their deciduous teeth and who have not yet mastered sufficiently teeth cleaning techniques.

As is the case with the patient’s entire dentition, the fissure sealing must be periodically examined. If the seal comes of it can undermine its protective functions.

Application of varnish is not indicated for those children who have never had caries, have mastered oral hygiene and observe a low-sugar diet
Systematic prophylaxis can ensure that you keep your teeth well into old age.



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