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The Wand is an entirely new, innovating device. Its structure, appearance and action eliminate the stress felt by the patient at the sight of traditional syringes. Statistics show that 43% of patients are desperate to escape the dentist’s chair as soon as they see the needle approaching.
This device is used for local anaesthesia purposes and is administered using a microprocessor guidance system.

The Wand is suitable for every kind of local anaesthesia used in dentistry.



The patient’s safety
Scientific research shows that administering an anaesthetic with a traditional syringe is unpredictable and can be dangerous to the patient. Obviously patients are not aware of this. Anaesthesia is a necessary part of dentistry and thus care should be taken to ensure it is administered safely. Tests on the physiological speed at which the anaesthetic is assimilated has made it possible to determine the precise speed and pressure at which the patient is given the anaesthetic.

Thanks to the anaesthesia techniques and the construction of THE WAND it is possible to administer the anaesthetic without causing any "facial contraction" or distortion of the facial features as a result of the action of the anaesthesia, so that the patient’s natural appearance is preserved. The Wand simplifies the anaesthetic process itself, allows the anaesthetic fluid to act speedily and more accurately. Above all else, The Wand ensures the patient a unique level of comfort. It is recommended for use for children and people sensitive to pain. It eliminates the stress that many patients associate with a visit to the dentist.

The dentist’s safety
The physiological speed of anaesthesia using The Wand minimises the risk of shock as a result of administering an imprecise and physiologically undetermined dose as well as the danger of the anaesthetic fluid entering a blood vessel.

What causes the greatest pain when administering anaesthesia?
Neither the needle nor its insertion, but rather the expansion of the anaesthetic liquid which tears the tissue! Thanks to The Wand we are able to avoid this problem.

Protection against infection
Both the dental surgeon and the patient are protected against infection thanks to the fact that the disposable tips are supplied in sterile packaging. Always demand fresh sterile tips!!!

The needle of a traditional syringe turns in the tissue
Because of a needle’s construction (bevelled tip) and the hitherto practice of inserting it via syringes, carpules and other types of traditional applicators it deviates from its intended course when penetrating the tissue. Research shows that the needle can deviate from its intended target by as much as 5 mm. Hence, the block anaesthesia is often insufficiently precise and thus less effective. According to scientific research, in at least 25% of cases anaesthesia in the form of a nerve block is ineffective. The special structure of The Wand’s applicator as well as a modified technique for administering the dose eliminate this problem.

Why is anaesthesia administered using the The Wand painless for the patient?
Because The Wand feeds the anaesthetic fluid very slowly, i.e. under microprocessor control. It is absorbed locally and not pumped under great pressure (as is the case with traditional syringes). The computer administers the dose precisely, which is not achievable when administered by hand.

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