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Even the loss of one single tooth affects the entire masticatory system and every loss requires the fastest possible restoration. Leaving an empty space where the tooth is missing is a serious error.

For teeth form such a coherent complex that they begin to shift or move to make contact with other teeth. Several options are available for restoring the loss of one or more teeth. One of them is to place an implant or artificial root in the bone.

An osseointegrated implant is like a new root for the tooth.

Implants are usually placed after the gum has healed following the loss of the original tooth. The implant procedure takes place under local anaesthesia.

If only one tooth is missing, instead of grinding healthy neighbouring teeth, the most effective procedure is to supplement the gap with an implant.

Inserted implant with abutment in place

Crown on implant

In the case of multiple tooth loss a bridge can be placed on the implants (as is also possible when all the teeth are missing).


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