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To protect both the health of our patients and the environment, we have switched entirely to a digital imaging system based on dental radiology.

In our clinic we perform the following:

Intra-oral images – the most advanced system - KODAK 6100 radiovisiography.

This system replaces traditional films with a digital sensor.

The radiation dose is reduced by 90% compared with the traditional method.

1. Periapical radiographs. We can magnify the image of the tooth to many times its size and with a quality that is
   incomparably better than with traditional films. The system allows for measurements, changes in contrast and
   saturation, depending on the structure we want to make visible.

2. Bite-wing images - providing an image of caries on interproximal surfaces (invisible when examined with
   a dental mirror)

Extraoral images – using the latest generation device: KODAK 9000C.

Pantomographic images
These are diagnostic images that give a general overview of the state of the patient’s dentition. They are essential for a preliminary diagnosis and treatment planning. They are also taken as control images.

Cephalometric images
These images are made for orthodontic diagnostic purposes. It takes just one second to take this picture with our equipment! Other types of devices can take as long as 16 seconds (and the patient is exposed to radiation for 16 times longer). Our apparatus also allows us to make an orthodontic analyses of teeth in just a few minutes.



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