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The DENTART dental surgery is a luxurious clinic located in a beautiful part of the country just 25 km from Warsaw centre, born out of the dreams and passion of Dorota Chojnacka DDS. This unique place combines the most advanced technologies and solutions available with a friendly, family atmosphere.

Our patients are cared for by dental physicians representing all dental specialties. They can expect an individual approach, complete professionalism, the highest quality of service and treatment with long-term results.

We will help you achieve your dream of a beautiful smile. Feel at ease…

We provide our patients with a comfortable waiting room that includes a TV where they can drink coffee, tea or juice. In addition, our toilet is always equipped with disposable tooth brushes and tooth paste. On hot, sweltering days all our rooms are air conditioned. Our dental practitioners and assistants work in teams of two, thus making every visit to the dentist an efficient and professional event.
We are members of an association of friendly dental offices

We also try to cater for the financial needs of our patients. We accept all credit cards.

We also offer our customers the option of bank loans for treatment.


Feel safe…

To ensure our patients are safe and secure we use a variety of procedures aimed at eliminating any danger of infection. To improve safety standards we make use of the following:
- disposable gloves
- disposable saliva ejectors
- disposable dental bibs
- disposable covers for RVG sensor
- disposable mouth rinse cups
- disposable needles
- disposable carpules with anaesthetic agent
- intravenous cannulas with tubes for computer-guided aneasthesia
- we use other disposable materials whenever possible
Before operations a set of sterile instruments is prepared for each patient, which is opened when the patient is in the chair. After the visit the instruments are carefully washed in disinfectant and thermo-sealed in disposable paper-foil sleeves and then sterilised in autoclaves.

On the other hand, all seating, chairs, glasses, tops, unit parts, lamps, computer keyboards, mice and control devices are disinfected using a fungicide and an anti-bacterial-viral spray.

All instrument sets are sterilised (thermo-sealed in foil-paper sleeves) in a vacuum autoclave. Our sterilisation meets EU standards. Autoclave sterilisation is the safest method for preventing infection. The sterilisation process is controlled each time by a computer built into the autoclave as well as through chemical reagents inserted into the autoclave during each sterilisation process. Once a month we perform a biological test to ensure that the sterilisation process is functioning correctly (incubation of microorganism culture). This is documented with a computer printout tracing the course of the sterilisation process.

The task ensuring everyday cleanliness in our clinics is performed by a specialist firm operating according to ISO standards.

Each dentist’s chair is equipped with X-Ray equipment, thanks to which we can take radiographs without the patient having to leave the chair. All radiographs are made using digital technology. As a result we are able to reduce the dose of harmful radiation received by the patient by 90% and achieve an extremely accurate image of the examined tooth.
The KODAK 6100 digital radiovisiography system ensures high precision diagnostics.

KODAK 9000C panoramic system

  This is the complete diagnostic set for the demanding dentist. It allows us to take all the X-Ray images needed for dental purposes, such as:
 1. panoramic images of adults and children (with special software for reducing the radiation dose)
 2. Cephalometric images (for orthodontists, with automatic software for orthodontic analyses)
 3. Images of carpal bones - to assess the bone age
 4. Images of temporo-mandibular joints
 5. Images of maxillary sinuses

By using digital technology we can reduce the dose of harmful RTG digital radiation for the patient and also protect the surrounding environment (we do not need to use any chemical developing and fixing solutions).
Since 2002 we have been providing highly specialised root canal therapy in accordance with the highest international standards. All treatment is performed using an operating microscope with up to 40 times magnification.

Enlarging the image of the tooth ensures that no canals are overlooked. It also ensures super precise surgical procedures.

We are members of the Polish Endodontic Association:

Our clinic is recommended by the Polish Microscopic Dental Association:
Our dentists our constantly perfecting their skills via domestic and foreign courses (see the “About Us” section)

Every patient can see his or her own teeth using an intraoral camera. If offers an image magnified many times its normal size. We can increase the size of a single tooth to cover the entire screen.

For those patients who are afraid of dental treatment we have laughing gas, which makes every operation a pure pleasure. The nitrous oxide we use is completely safe and in many cases offers an alternative treatment to more harmful methods of general anaesthesia.

Since we want to treat every patient as they themselves would like to be treated we have our own computer-aided anaesthetic system called THE WAND, which makes every operation completely pain free.

Our clinic is child friendly. We have a children’s corner in our waiting room. Children can watch fairy tales there while waiting for their parents (children frequently also accompany their parents on their dental appointments).
During visits children can also watch their favourite fairy tales thereby making each visit a much more pleasant experience.

The BEYOND bleaching lamp - will give you white teeth within just one hour! The BEYOND system is regarded as one of the safest and one of the most effective bleaching tools available.

VIP treatment
Every patient is important for us and thus every patient is a VIP. If, however, for professional reasons you wish to remain anonymous (politicians, actors, journalists, etc.) your wishes will be respected. Please inform us of this fact before arranging an appointment.


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