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Dorota Chojnacka, DDS


Graduate of the Medical University of Warsaw in 1995. On completion of her studies she began working as an assistant and later as a lecturer at the Department of Conservative Dentistry IS AM in Warsaw. In 1998 she was awarded the title of Specialist Grade One in the field of General Dentistry.

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Iwona Gajewska, DDS

A graduate of the Faculty of Medicine of the Warsaw Medical Academy in 1996, gaining the title of dental practitioner. She is especially interested in problems of modern prosthodontics, and the aesthetic and conservative dentistry. She has perfected her skills via numerous courses and academic symposia. She is naturally open in her relationship with her patients and is careful and precise in her work.
She has been working for Dentart since 2006.


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Karolina Pacierpnik-Wojtaszek, DDS

Graduated from the Medical Academy in Wroclaw in 2002. In her work she appreciates contact with patients, especially the youngest ones. Her patience and approach makes the children are not afraid of the dentist. She specializes in pediatric dentistry and conservative. She has been working for Dentart since 2008.


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Maria Izworska

Maria Izworska, graduated from the Medical University of Lodz. The dentist title was awarded in 2002.
In 2010-2014 she completed a specialization training at the Academic Center of Dentistry and Specialist Medicine in Bytom, than she passed the exam obtaining the title of specialist in dental prosthetics.
Maria performs reconstruction of both individual tooth deficiencies as well as extensive reconstructions of occlusion with simultaneous reconstruction of the morphology of many teeth. She performs prosthetic, aesthetic and conservative treatment with endodontics under a microscope.


Ewa Sobowska

Ewa Sobowska is a graduate of the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice. She specializes in conservative dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, prosthodontics and microscopic endodontics. In her practice, she is guided by the principles of minimally invasive dentistry. In order to guarantee the highest level of performed procedures, in her daily work Ewa uses the knowledge gained during numerous courses and trainings. In working with the patient, she places great emphasis on the accuracy, diligence and aesthetics of the performed work.


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Artur Lewandowski, DDS

A graduate of the Medical University of Warsaw in 2000. A specialist in surgery and implantology. He is accurate and delicate in his work.

Piotr Wolny

A graduate of the Medical University of Bialystok, his internship took place in Medical Clinic of the Military University of Technology. Piotr focuses on personal development in terms of their interests, i.e. endodontics, prosthetics and aesthetic dentistry. Knowledge gained during training and courses translate into experience, professionally treating each case. In the first place he puts in contact with patient and a comprehensive approach to his problems.
After working in our gabinet and working at home, he is interested in a Medieval fantasy; winter is associated him with one word - snowboarding, in every form and dose.


Piotr Koperski

A graduate of the Medical University of Bialystok. In everyday practice he deals with conservative dentistry, endodontics and pediatric dentistry (also under general anesthesia). Participant of many courses, primarily in the field of endodontics, which became his passion while studying. He values the good atmosphere in the office and devotes a lot of time to an accurate explanation of the patient's course of treatment. It puts a special emphasis on interdisciplinary treatment, based on modern diagnostics and the latest medical knowledge confirmed by scientific research. Privately, he is a big fan of sport and computer games.


Katarzyna Hir-Koperska

Katarzyna Hir-Koperska - a graduate of the Medical University of Bialystok. Laureate of the scholarly scholarship of the Rector of UMB. In everyday work she deals with conservative, aesthetic and children's dentistry. In an understandable way, she tries to explain the planned treatments and ensure a painless and comfortable visit. Katarzyna finds great satisfaction in the visits of the youngest Patients. Through regular participation in numerous trainings and conferences, she constantly improves her qualifications to be able to help patients according to the best standards. Currently she is during the specialization in orthodontics in the Mazovian Center of Dentistry. A member of the Polish Orthodontic Society. She possesses a true passion for good food, literature and music.


Oktawian Buczek

Oktawian Buczek - Dentist doctor. Oktawian deals with orthodontic treatment of adults and children. In practice, he applies current orthodontic techniques. He uses, among others from orthodontic brackets of the latest generation and orthodontic mini-implants.
Oktawian Buczek is a graduate of the Warsaw Medical University in the field of medicine and dentistry. PhD student at the Department of Orthodontics of the Medical University of Warsaw.
He is a member of the European Orthodontic Society (EOS). Author of many scientific works, presented and honored at international and national congresses, such as: 90th Congress of the European Orthodontic Society, 12 Congress of Polish Dentists in Krakow, Warsaw International Medical Congress for Young Scientists and XVIII Scientific Conference of Students of Dentistry named Michał Kłopotowski in Łódź.
Oktawian Buczek continuously extends his knowledge in the field of orthodontics, participating in numerous congresses and scientific symposia.

1. Mini-implants as reinforcement of the anchorage
2. Open bites - diagnostics and treatment
3. Progressive Orthodontic Seminars - a series of 12 seminars
4. Orthodontic treatment of children and adults using a straight arch device
5. 90th Congress of the European Orthodontic Society
6. Planning of orthodontic treatment
7. Cephalometry, practical course
8. Palatal arches and other thick-walled apparatuses
9. Permanent orthodontic appliances - introductory seminar


Beata Wyrębek

Dr n. Med. Beata Wyrębek graduated from the Medical University of Gdańsk in the medical and dental faculty of the Faculty of Medicine, receiving a diploma with honors. She worked for several years in the Department of Mucosal and Periodontal Diseases of the Medical University of Warsaw, where she conducted research on mucociliary and gingival problems. In December 2018 she defended her PhD thesis in periodontology, obtaining the title of Doctor of Medical Sciences.
She is in the process of specialization in maxillofacial surgery at the Clinic of Cranio-Maxillo-facial Surgery, Oral Surgery and Implantology at the Infant Jesus Clinical Hospital in Warsaw. She participates in numerous trainings, courses and dental conferences. Her special feature is a comprehensive approach to treat each patient with regard to the function and aesthetics of the smile and the entire face.




Katarzyna Leszczewska

Head assistant

A graduate of the Medical Vocational School, Faculty of Obstetrics. She is a very energetic and hard working individual. Her ability to get on well with our patients makes her work easier in the clinic. She values professionalism and precision. She has been working at the clinic since 2005.


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Danuta Ponichtera

A graduate of the Medical Vocational School, Faculty of Obstetrics. She always has a sunny disposition and patients find her very approachable. She always tries to make use of her extensive knowledge and experience as best as she can.
She has been working for the Dentart Clinic since 2005.


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Jowita Korpysz


A graduate of the Medical Vocational School, Faculty of Obstetrics. Precision and hard work are for her the most important values at the Dentart clinic. With people she values sincerity and a sense of humour.
She has been working for the Dentart clinic since 2006


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Małgorzata Jabłońska

Economist by training techniques and techniques of administration. In the near future she plans to return to her study. In professional work she highly appreciates the commitment and the accuracy of the duties.

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Elżbieta Sroka

Graduated from the School of Medical Sciences in Wroclaw in the fields of dental hygiene and dental technology. She has many years of experience in the profession. Her best points are accuracy and good contact with the patient.



Ewelina Popielarz

She graduated the College of the Manager in Warsaw at the Faculty of Law and Administration. She received a certificate of completion of training Excellent Service of Patient. In the work she appreciates the cooperation and commitment. She likes sports and walks.

Aleksandra Kilanowska

Absolwentka studiów amerykanistycznych Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego na wydziale Kulturoznawstwo Ameryki Łacińskiej i Karaibów. W pracy ceni świetną atmosferę oraz możliwość kontaktu z ludźmi. Prywatnie lubi kuchnię meksykańską i długie spacery z psami.

Marcin Matusiak

In daily work he always tries to use his previous experience to increase patients satisfaction. His best motivation is smile on the face of each single patient happy after visiting Dentart. Privately, cycling enthusiast and avid modeler.

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